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Indoor or Outdoor LED RGB Flexible Border Tube

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  • Similar to our already popular FBT-RGB, the WAVE-RGB offers additional flexibility to your creative designs due to its back to front bending orientation. Corners and angles can now be installed seamlessly with the Wave-RGB. The Wave-RGB Series combines constant current, color blending technology with a flexible polyvinyl chloride housing to create a durable, extremely bright, uniform illumination with color versatility that makes it perfect for any custom design application.
    The Wave-RGB has a low square profile that allows for a tighter, more precise viewing pattern while providing increased lumen output due to its internal optic.

    Standard Features

    • Energy efficient LEDs consume 3.66W/ft. or less, saving up to 70% or more over traditional neon
    • Indoor and outdoor rated
    • Flexible PVC housing can conform to almost and angle, virtually unbreakable
    • Opaque jacket housing with color-changing LEDs every 0.04”
    • Uniform lighting with no “hot-spots”
    • Nichia SMD tri-color LEDs
    • L70 Lumen maintenance: 50,000 hours
    • 33 LEDs per foot
    • Voltage: 24VDC
    • Constant current drivers available for 120-277VAC, 50/60Hz
    • Operating product length: 65’ when power is supplied to both ends
    • Flexible, shatterproof, cool to touch, UV inhibited, PVC housing
    • 4 Wire, RGB color, flexible border tubing
    • Roll length: 65 feet (Maximum)
    • Cutting increment: 3.28”
    • Mounting: Mounting clips (WAVE-RGB-MC) or mounting channel available in standard (WAVE-RGB-LCH) or locking model (WAVE-RGB-LCH-L)
    • Dimensions: 0.63” wide by 0.63” high
    • Viewing angle: 160°
    • UL2108/IP68/LM-79/LM-80/RoHS/CE/Exceeds ANSI C78.377A
    • California Title 24 compliant
    • Operating temperature: -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F)
    • 5 Year warranty (Terms and conditions apply)
    • WAVE-RGB-LCR-24V-F1M

      Seemless injection-molded line cord right feed, factory installed (IP68)

    • WAVE-RGB-LCL-24V-F1M

      Seemless injection-molded line cord left feed, factory installed (IP68)


      Seemless injection-molded end cap, factory installed


      Mounting Clip (0.75" x 0.6875" x 2")


      Seemless injection-molded line cord bottom feed, factory installed

    • WAVE-RGB-LCS-24V-F1M

      Seemless injection-molded line cord side feed, factory installed


      Aluminum Linear Channel (0.75" x 0.6875" x 3.28")

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