Barron Fact Sheet
Barron Lighting Group, a manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting products, is the parent company to EXITRONIX, its emergency lighting division, TRACE*LITE, its commercial and industrial lighting division and specialtyLED, which offers commercial and decorative LED products. For a complete product offering please visit or one of their many distributor partners.


7885 N Glen Harbor Blvd
Glendale, Arizona 85307
800.533.3948 623.580.3948


In 1973 in Chicago, Illinois


Barron Lighting Group occupies an 80,000 sq ft office and manufacturing plant in Glendale, Arizona and 10 national distribution centers around the United States. Barron also utilizes five manufacturing sites in China, with an operating capacity well in excess of 1 million sq ft.

Product Groups:

Full line of exit and emergency lighting safety products

Commercial and decorative LED products for indoor and outdoor applications including flexible and rigid border tubes, rope lighting, flexible ribbon light, lamps, festoon lighting, light boxes, linear wall wash and channel letter modules

Indoor and outdoor lighting products with LED, Induction, Fluorescent and HID lamps

Indoor and greenhouse horticultural lighting products including reflectors, ballasts and lamps

Delivering more by design:

Service is more than just delivering a product. It starts with an attitude of serving and works its way into all aspects of your business. From the design of a product to filling orders accurately and quickly to following up on a call, our main focus is to deliver you more with…
  • 10 warehouse locations nationwide for direct accessibility
  • Expediting large or small orders quickly for that unexpected delay
  • Producing efficient , on time orders with a 98.9% fill rate average
  • Customized product design capabilities or modifications for any job spec
  • Fast, efficient deliveries with real time tracking status
  • Personalized service and direct access to our team of employees
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